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Client Hall of shame from Fall '15

Client Hall of shame from Fall '15


How do we survive in a system we're more or less not suppose to survive in? How do we navigate it? How can we thrive?

Share what keeps you going, 
share what keeps you sane, 
share your tips and your tricks and your treats that help you pull through,
the art that keeps you alive,
the community that keeps your heart full and your life meaningful.

and if you understand the legal system, share any thing about navigating that!

Where do you look for support in times of trouble? 
How do you take care of yourself?

And art, and art, as always!

Regular columns: 
💋Tales from the Shift
💋Go to Health
💋Worst/Best Tips
💋Client Hall of Shame
💋Sex worker friendly health/housing/&school resources

☠☠☠☠and any bad clients or predators you've run into for the Ugly Mugs and Bad Dateline☠☠☠




Get Involved!

preparing support group fliers

preparing support group fliers

While STROLL is by and for sex workers, there is space for accomplices who want to be useful!  The best thing to do is attend a SWOP meeting, find out what local activism is happening right now [we're currently organising some new legislation as well as a push for greater education around "trafficking": why it's a term that is so broad it has become meaningless, what multitude of scenarios it covers [according to a local DA, anything he can bully people into confessing to; he also called child trafficking "juicy" so you know he's classy] and how you can get involved!  

Two big events are coming up--Trans Day of Remembrance and International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers--as well as local trainings and forums.  


Donate your love, time, and or money!

 STROLL is currently working on 501c3 status; until then donations will not be tax deductible but you can deduct our sincere gratitude from our hearts, I swear.  Money is liquid and always welcome as we can fill most any client need with it.

Amazon Wishlist

We are always accepting donations of gift cards for food, preferably food that is already cooked and edible as many clients don't have access to cooking utensils.

Energy bars, granola bars, and other sorts of food that don't go bad and that are easily portable are great. 

WIPES are also always hugely welcome, as are any hygiene products but particularly wipes, deodorant, and mouthwash.

Makeup!!!! This is a big and always delightful one.

And, more practically, winter coats, hoodies, warm wooly socks, gloves, hand warmers, scarves, and hats.  

Impractically, we are looking for a drop in space to expand our services to include laundry, showers, resume training and self defense.  If you have a lead on a space or a lot of money, hit me up. 

Paypal to come with 501c3 status.