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The Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, in collaboration with STROLL, are excited to announce an event this fall, one dedicated to amplifying the voices and experiences of sex workers across the spectrum.  

From 11/6-12/10 PICA will be showing our art, as well as a series of panels, film screenings, and a dance party.

What we’re looking for:

sculpture | photography | drawing | painting | 3D | 2D | sound art | monitor art I installation I performance

The fifth annual Portland Sex Workers’ Art Show is open to current or former SWers.  Sharing the voices of BIPOC, trans, and disabled workers is our priority. 

You can submit up to 3 pieces of work, though we may not accept all pieces. You can number the submissions by priority of which you want to show most but it is not required. 

Highlight the quality of your work! If it’s 3D show us pictures from multiple angles. If there’s a lot of detail, make sure to include that. A short video is fine! 

Where/ when do I submit?

HARD Deadline for submissions is 8/15

We will give feedback on request. 

Email submissions to strollpdx@gmail.com

Subject line: ART SUBMISSION 

Please include with each submission: 

An artist’s statement about the pieces you are submitting specifically (see below , word count 100-250 max)

List of materials and title of each piece (if applicable)

A short response to one of these prompts (word count 100-200 max)


What does it mean to sell sex in a capitalist society?

How do you deal with working in a time when aspects of sex work are very popular and glamorized but anti-sex worker policies are hitting harder than ever?

What does it mean to you to be making art about your experiences for an audience? 

How do you navigate being a sex worker on social media?

What does it mean to be living in public as a BIPOC worker?

You can also send us a more personal or open ended response for your artist statement: tell us more about yourself. 

Are there any Sex Workers actually working with PICA?

Hell yeah, both collabrators from STROLL PDX are sex workers!

Let’s talk money!

Payment for art based on how many of your pieces we accept and how many artists we show in total, but there will be a minimum payment of $150.

We will be installing, showing, hanging, promoting your art, and doing the publicity. 

There will be a series of events around the show. 

There will be a budget to help you install your art if you are selected. 

If you are submitting an installation, you need to be able to work with us on installing. We have a team of people who will work with you to realise a vision and who will work with you to make sure you feel good about it.