Since the beginning of Stroll in 2015, we only grown more active in the Portland community. Here is what we've been up to the past year and beyond.


Past events!

12.10.17 Harlot! Holiday Pop-up Shop featuring products and services created by sex workers in your community!

10.29.17 Whorer Stories with the People's Open Mic

9.9.17 Portland AIDS Walk

8.24.17 Stripper Field Day!

6.14.17 Art by Tarts: the 3rd Annual Sex Worker Art Party

4.8.17 Clothing and meal popup shop

3.2.17 International Sex Workers Rights Day Benefit Party

12.17.16 International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers Memorial and Wake

11.10.16 The first of the quarterly Hussy Tales and Whorer Stories!

7.20.16 Know Your Legal and Labour Rights Workshop! 

7.24.16 Let's Get Physical: Stripper Field Day! 

6.9.16 The Second Annual Sex Worker Art Party

4.20.16 The Off Duty Stripper Talent Show, celebrating and MC'd by JACQ THE STRIPPER 

12.17.15 International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

9.4.15:  Informational panel:  What is BOLI's function and how does HB 3059 affect you?

6.4.15-7.4.15: $PREAD THE LOVE: The Portland Sex Workers' Art and Film Fest

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