Meet the team making STROLL happen

Red started STROLL in 2015 with a grant from Cascade AIDS Project, fulfilling her long cherished teenage dream of filling the gap left by the closure of the sex worker org Danzine, with which she volunteered before it went dormant. 

Red was joined in 2016 by Becky and Kat, passionate advocates for justice who each bring their own specialties and activist experiences to the table. 


Red (Tilly)

Volunteering with the now-defunct by-swers, for-swers Danzine changed my life.  I had been part of and witness to a strong community dedicated to grassroots organising and uplifting the voices of the most marginalised, advocating for policy changes, doing outreach, truly making community safer in a way that gave my life meaning.  I spent the next ten years trying to figure out where to start in forming a 21st century counterpart to it before I realised, as Sebastian says "If you want something done, you got to do it yourself."  With the help of friends and community orgs who believed in me, STROLL was born and keeps going. 

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Kat is an amazing Latinx artist and activist who has spoken at the Women's March, Slutwalk, and University of Colorado Boulder.  More info to come!